Hoyer Power Lift

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This is an assistive device that allows patients in hospitals and nursing homes and people receiving home health care to be transferred between a bed and a chair or other similar resting places by the use of electrical power. Sling lifts are mobile
The sling lift has several advantages. It allows patients to be transferred while decreasing stress on caregivers while also reducing the number of nursing staff required to move patients. It also reduces the chance of orthopedic injury from lifting patients.

Detailed information about Power Lift:

  • Product width mast base & boom assembly 64 lbs.
  • Power pack 5 lbs.
  • Base assembly (not incl. battery) 33lbs.
  • Base assembly (not incl. battery) 33lbs.
  • Minimum 49″ product height maximum 71″
  • Minimum 23″ product weight capacity 340 lbs. Folded dimensions batteries 12 volt rechargeable sealed lead acid type.
  • Battery capacity 3.2 ampere hours
  • Charger rated input 230V AC
  • 50/60Hz charger rated output 27.4/29.0 VDC @0.8A electrical shock protection charger – Class II
  • Lift – Internal power source degree of shock protection charger – Type B
  • Lift – Type B spreader bar dimensions max. height 5′ 4.5″
  • Min. usable height 1′ 3″
  • Height @ max reach 3′ 9″
  • Reach @ max height 2′ 4″
  • Reach @ min height 1′ 7″
  • Max. reach 2′ 9″
  • Turning radius 3′ 5″ leg dimensions open external width 42.5″
  • Open internal width 39.5″
  • Closed external width 25″
  • Closed internal width 22″
  • Overall height of legs 4.5″ Front Twin Casters 3.3 ″Rear Braked Casters 4″ ling use type Hoyer grey looped

Hoyer Lift Toronto

You must know about Hoyer Lift Toronto if you ever see any patient having limited mobility. Hoyer lift is very useful to carry any patient who cannot move. It is very tough to transfer a patient from one place to another when their condition is very critical, and they are not able to move on their own. Many people get worried about moving such patients. As an easy and effective solution to this problem, you have a Hoyer lift.

You may think from where you will get the Hoyer lift. There is nothing to worry about as you can take the Hoyer lift for rent. Besides, in every hospital in Toronto, they have Hoyer Lift for the patients.  However, you can also buy these lifts or take in rent.

In this context, we will describe all about Hoyer Lift. Stay with us read the full content to know how Hoyer Lift Toronto is changing the world by serving critical patients.

Reasons to Use Hoyer Lifts Toronto

The physical conditions of people become weaker with the increasing age. It is a natural thing. You will see many older adults who are carrying any physical disability, and they cannot move on their own. Such people need the help of other people to move from one place to another. This Lift is an important element for these older adults or senior citizens having such a problem.

Hoyer lift is an effective tool for you to transfer people from place to place. You will not always have other people by the side to help you in moving the person. You can have this tool in your home; thus, the caregiver of the older adult can handle all needs of him by herself. Besides helping to move, this tool will ensure complete comfort to people. There are many advantages of using Hoyer Lifts. Let's know what they are.

Advantages of Hoyer Lift:

  • Ensures easy movement for regular works
  • Reduce the risk of getting injured for both patient and the assistant
  • Easy movement possibility can improve the mental condition of patients.
  • Reduce the hassle of caregiver
  • Standard Hoyer lifts can bear up to 400lbs; even some can 700lbs.

How Hoyer Lift Works?

Hoyer Lift is an easy solution for transferring people who cannot move by themselves. You can use this tool to carry people who don't have mobility. It will be quite easy for you to operate a Hoyer Lift when you know the steps and process of operation well. When you get your machine, the first thing you need to do is to read the manual guide thoroughly. You will find each and every instruction there.

However, now we will describe the process of how your Hoyer Lift will work.

Here you need to know the structure of the machine first to operate it. There are two main parts of Hoyer Lifts with which you will need to work: Sling and Lift. It would help if you fixed the sling and put the person on the sling properly, and then lift him to the desired position.

Working with Sling:

You need to tie the older adults into the sling very carefully. It would help if you were both careful to make it safe for them and maintain their comfort.

You need to place the sling under the body of the older adult whom you want to move. To place the sling under his body properly, you need him to roll by one side.

Then he will need to move by the other side, and you need to pull the sling. This time as you are pulling the sling by the side, he cannot stay lying.

After that, he has to make sure that he is lying in the correct position by rolling by back. Before start moving, you must check his position to make sure complete comfort.

Working with Lift:

First, you need to attach each of the sling loops to the stand.

You need to control the Lift and pull it up slowly; thus, it barely touches the base. It will help to understand if the positioning of the older adult is perfect or not. The wrong position of the sling loop can cause pain to him.

Is everything alright? You can start raising the person up. You need to clear the edges of furniture; thus, you can easily move around.

Now rotate the stand towards the desired position. To do so, you need to start vertical lifting.

When you reach the position, you need to lower the sling slowly. You have to be careful to give him a safe landing. Wait till the bottom of the person sitting in the proper position. Then you can lower the sling completely.

This is all about the lifting process using the Hoyer lift. The process is not so hard. You can easily do it. Once you work with the machine, you can easily adapt the steps and can easily do it further. You just need to repeat the process whenever you will transfer your patient from place to place.

How Can I Get Hoyer Lift?

Are you thinking about how you can get Hoyer lift Toronto in your home? You don't need to have any worry about having one for you. If you search for a little bit, you will find much notice about Hoyer Lift for Sale. You can buy one for the older adult in your home. Besides, you can also get Hoyer Lift for Rent.

It is your choice that you want to buy one or you to take rent. There will make no difference about the service of Hoyer Lift because of buying or taking rent. However, the quality of service will depend on the type of Hoyer Lift you are having.

So, the question is what the types of Hoyer Lift are. Now we will know that.

Types of Hoyer Lift

As you know, for everything in the world there are different qualities and types for individuals. The same is in the case of Hoyer Lift; there are different qualities and types. So to choose the suitable one to give complete comfort to your patient, you need to know about them.

Hoyer Lifts are main categories in five, they are:

  1. Electric Portable Electric Patient Lift
  2. Hoyer Presence Lift
  3. Hoyer Deluxe Electric Power Lift
  4. Hoyer Stature Professional Series
  5. The Hoyer Calibre Professional Series

You have to know the advantages and the difference in the service quality of different types of Hoyer and then choose the suitable one for any specific patient.

Features of Hoyer Lift

When you are thinking of buying a Hoyer Lift, you must need to learn about its features. It would be best if you bought nothing without checking the features and the services you will get from it. Knowing the features of what you are going to buy will help you in two ways. You can find out the better one compared with each other. And you will be able to match the one you are buying with your requirement.

Let's know the general features of Hoyer Lifts:

  • Hoyer Lifts are battery-powered, and so it is easier to operate and carry more weight.
  • Hoyer Lifts has a Universal multipurpose sling.
  • They have a larger caster to ensure easy movement on any type of floor.
  • Can measure weight and maintain capacity.
  • They offer adjustment of leg width to ensure stability.

Hoyer Lift Rental in Toronto

Sometimes the need for a Hoyer Lift for you will not be forever. You won't need the Lift when your patient gets well. In that case, you can take them in rent. It will meet your need besides saving your money.

You can get Hoyer Lift for Rent from many agencies or hospitals. There work many companies also. You can choose a company besides your locality and rent the Hoyer Lift. You can know about the rental policies of different companies to know to choose the better option. You may find hospitals also offer Hoyer Lifts for rent.

In that case, you may need to bear some extra expense than buying one for your home. While you are taking rent, you do not know for how many days you are taking the machine. Generally for the charge of Hoyer Lift Rental is counted on a daily basis. Thus the charge will be much higher. In that sense, if you buy, you are giving the amount for once.

Things to Consider Before Having Hoyer Lift

Now you know many more about the features and types of Hoyer Lift Toronto. You can choose any option for you to meet the need. Still, here we will mention the factors you must consider while buying or taking a Hoyer Lift in rent. You must remember that if you have a thing that does not match your criteria will only waste your money, nothing else. Therefore it is important to consider the factors that differentiate your need.

Features you need to consider:

  • The first thing you need to know about Hoyer Lift is the Weight Capacity. The weight capacity of each product is not the same. You should know if your patient is a bariatric patient or not. Depending on this, you can choose a standard Hoyer lift or Bariatric.
  • Secondly, you need to know the design of the Lift. Some lifts allow lifting only vertical movement, or some offers over bed lifting. You need to know the condition of your patient and then choose the category.
  • As you know, there are different types of Hoyer Lifts depending on their operation, like- battery powered, electric, or manual, or hydraulic. You have to know your comfort of operating and then choose which one you can have.
  • Cradle design is another fact that you need to consider before buying a Hoyer Lift. Some of these lifts have two; four or some has six attachment points. It would help if you counted this as your consideration which one will be perfect for you.
  • Finally, you should check out the material of the lifting tool. You will find two types of machines in the market; made of plastic or made of metal. You can choose any of them, though Hoyer lifts made with metal are more recommendable.

Considering this thing you should choose the one machine you want to have. You can choose the one most suitable for your patient. In this case, you should also consider the preference of the caregiver who will operate it most of the time. The comfort level of the person who will operate the machine is important.

Besides, the cost of these lifts will vary according to the types. Generally, the manual lifts cost $500 while the battery-powered ones cost $1500. You have to know your affordability and the budget; thus, you can choose the suitable one to serve your patient.

In case you are going to take your lifting machine for rent, the cost will vary according to the agencies of hospitals, from where you are taking rent. It also depends on the time. That means how many days you are going to use it that will vary the cost.

Final Words

It is very tough for people to stay in one place for a longer time. For older adults, it is more boring. Besides, to have our daily essentials work like taking a bath, we must need to move from one place to another. It is a difficult task to move the people who cannot move on their own for their surrounding people. Though they have their personal caregiver, moving an older adult alone is a task and also a risky task.

Hoyer Lift Toronto has made the task easier for both the caregivers and the family members of their family. With the help of having this tool, your hassle and risk of moving people will be changed. We have tried to provide you all information about Hoyer Lift in this content. We hope you find it essential.