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Hospital Bed Rental Greater Toronto Area

Welcome to Hospital Bed Rental Inc., your trusted partner for renting luxury and premium-grade hospital beds. Our sole purpose is to assist you in obtaining high-quality, medically approved hospital beds that are comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient.
Our high-quality, technologically advanced hospital beds distinguish us in the healthcare industry. Partnering with major healthcare providers, we are proud to be an authorized supplier with ODSP, WSIB, and Canadian Military Veterans, meaning eligible customers can rent our hospital beds with little to no out-of-pocket expenses.
From post-surgery recovery to chronic care, we cater to all requirements, working alongside you to offer the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and safety for users and caregivers alike.

Why Rent A Hospital Bed?

Hospital bed rental caters to a wide range of short or long-term care requirements with state-of-the-art equipment, flexible terms, and cost-effective solutions.

Post-Surgery Recovery: It's a challenging process when someone you love or care for is undergoing post-surgery recovery. Hospital bed rental is ideal for short-term needs, ensuring access to equipment solutions that are tailored to users' requirements. Choose from electric or manual beds, variable bed height, adjustable head or foot elevation, and a wide range of specialized support surfaces, rails, or lifting mechanisms. Speed your patient's recovery with professional equipment that improves clinical outcomes, patient comfort, and morale.

Chronic Physical Conditions: Dealing with long-term physical conditions is arduous for patients and caregivers. Hospital bed rental allows hospital-grade care in the privacy and comfort of your home. Access state-of-the-art equipment without the cost or maintenance concerns of owning the equipment. As patient needs evolve, so can the equipment, ensuring optimal patient comfort and care with up-to-date technology and avoiding equipment obsolescence.

Aging and Dementia Care: As people age, their physical and cognitive needs change. Hospital bed rental offers elderly patients the safety and comfort of professionally designed healthcare equipment. Choose from alternating pressure mattresses to avert pressure sores, adjustable side rails to discourage falls, or low-profile beds to ease entry and egress. Over time, additional medical devices may become necessary, so we choose hospital beds that integrate seamlessly with other clinical and monitoring equipment to ensure carers can provide all necessary care efficiently and effectively.

Flexibility In Healthcare: Healthcare professionals work in a dynamic environment, dealing with temporary increases in patient load, seasonal health outbreaks, and specific health crises. Hospital bed rental allows care facilities to adjust to fluctuating demand rapidly, accessing the latest model equipment without significant capital investment. Patient care is optimized, and hygiene and safety standards are maintained by letting us manage equipment maintenance and upkeep, reducing the facility's workload and administrative burden.

Benefits For Carers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), musculoskeletal injuries among caregivers, particularly in healthcare settings, are a significant concern. Home carers must bend to provide care, change linen, and assist patient movement using a typical domestic bed. While this is neither safe nor optimal for the patient, it also places the carer at risk.

Carers must cope with the physical demands of patient handling, such as lifting and transferring, which often exceed the recommended weight limits for safe manual handling and increasing the risk of injury. Hospital bed rental addresses these concerns by providing the latest height-adjustable professionally designed beds and associated assistive equipment. Patient handling tasks can occur under ideal conditions, preventing carers from lifting with extended arms or near the floor.
Renting an advanced hospital bed also provides technologies to assist carers. Patient monitoring improves by using sensors to alert to changes in patient condition, while bed remote controls ease manual adjustments and allow patient autonomy. State-of-the-art hospital beds are designed to be space-efficient, maximizing space and minimizing clutter at home.

Benefits For Patients

Clinical benefits are optimized when patients access the latest medical technology, while hygiene, mobility, and patient morale improve. In partnership with users, Hospital Bed Rentals Inc. ensures that the latest technology is available and the leased asset is targeted specifically for the patient's clinical needs and physical and mental well-being.

Professionally designed hospital beds provide adjustable positioning to tailor the patient's posture for comfort and response to medical needs. Head elevation aids respiratory function, while position adjustments assist with gastrointestinal discomfit. Specialized mattresses help reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, elevation features can reduce edema, and side rails prevent falls. Modern equipment design accommodates support and monitoring equipment like monitors and IV stands while making the bed easier to clean and maintain.

The flexibility of a professional hospital bed allows adaptation for physiotherapy or other treatments while facilitating transfer into and out of bed. Many beds allow patient-controlled adjustment, which provides autonomy and aids their psychological state.

Benefits For Healthcare Organizations

Hospital bed rental saves healthcare organizations significant capital expenditure allocation. Rather than investing heavily in hospital beds and ancillary equipment, renting allows facilities to draw funds from operating expenditures, freeing up capital investment for other critical healthcare needs. This financial flexibility is central to efficient budget management, particularly in the rapidly changing healthcare industry. Additionally, by centralizing monthly payments with one invoice, hospital bed rental reduces the burden on administration staff while providing transparency into cost allocations.

Renting equipment also optimizes operating expenditures by removing the need for maintenance. Outsourcing these costs to Hospital Bed Rental Inc. ensures beds and ancillary equipment remain in top working order. The intermittent and unplanned preventative maintenance and breakdown expense is smoothed across the monthly rental while reducing the need for in-house technical expertise. Bed rental also mitigates equipment obsolescence issues, ensuring patients under care always have access to the most advanced and capable equipment. As treatment needs change, so can the allocated equipment, lowering patient risk and hastening recovery.

Insurance Coverage and Affordability

Buying a hospital bed for short-term use may not be feasible for many people and is often unnecessary. Hospital bed rental offers a flexible and affordable solution for temporary or evolving healthcare needs. It ensures you no longer need to compromise equipment quality or quantity due to purchase costs. Instead, you rent precisely that equipment needed to optimize patient comfort, well-being and recovery.

Many insurance policies, including those under government programs, cover the rental of hospital beds for patients and healthcare facilities, significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please email or call us to discuss your situation. Hospital Bed Rental Inc. works directly with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Veterans Affairs Canada to facilitate a process of hospital bed rental that is friendly, fast, and efficient while requiring no up-front costs.

Maintenance and Hygiene

Caring for someone requires full-time focus, making managing issues like equipment maintenance or hygiene difficult. Yet if the bed stops functioning or becomes unusable, the care you provide to your patient suffers. Hospital Bed Rental Inc. uses professional maintenance personnel to ensure every bed we rent meets the highest standards of safety and functionality. During your rental period, that maintenance oversight continues, carrying out any repairs or regular maintenance that are required to keep the equipment in top condition. If your bed suffers damage or breakdown during use, we supply a replacement bed to ensure the seamless provision of quality care for your patient. For increased peace of mind, we also adhere to strict hygiene protocols, with each bed heavily sanitized and safe for use once delivered and installed.

Tailored Solutions

At Hospital Bed Rental Inc., we understand that your needs are unique and evolving, so while we're big enough to partner with major healthcare suppliers, we're small enough to believe in personal service and partnership. While hospital bed rental is what we do, we tailor clinical solutions to your requirements to assist recovery and comfort, providing a range of peripheral equipment like special mattresses, hoists, lift chairs, and walkers. Our range of flexible healthcare rental options wraps all your equipment needs into one pay-as-you-go fee, and if you need to upgrade or downgrade your equipment specification, we’re here to help.

Convenient Delivery and Return

You look after the health and well-being of your patient while we look after the equipment. Hospital Bed Rental Inc. has a dedicated team who will deliver and assemble your hospital bed rental at a convenient time, telling you and your fellow carers through its operation until you're comfortable. Once you no longer need the bed, let us know, and we'll come and disassemble the bed and remove it from your premises. It’s that easy.

Hospital Bed Rental Near Me Greater Toronto Area

When families or health professionals consider purchasing a hospital bed, they'll often be shocked at how much a new professional hospital bed costs to buy - usually, many thousands of dollars. At that point, their thoughts turn to, "Is there a hospital bed rental near me?".
For over five years, Hospital Bed Rental Inc. has been able to answer an emphatic "Yes" to that question. In that time, we've carved out a trusted and reputable name by providing first-class hospital bed rental services with flexible terms, convenient setup and removal, and personalized, friendly service. We're dedicated to ensuring caregivers get the equipment they need and patients receive the quality healthcare services and outcomes they deserve.

However, in our opinion, the question should not be, "Is there a hospital bed rental near me?" but rather, "Is there a trustworthy, high-quality hospital bed rental service near me, providing top-of-the-range healthcare equipment?" Hospital Bed Rental Inc. has earned its place as one of the leading companies in the industry due to an uncompromising focus on high-quality, medically-approved hospital beds and attentive, personalized service.

We pride ourselves on providing a superior service to customers seeking premium quality hospital beds. From the beginning, we offer expert assistance for clients wishing to select a hospital bed that optimizes patient recovery outcomes. By listening to your unique healthcare needs, we can suggest a hospital bed package and support equipment that suits your expectations and timeframe.

Our flexible rental terms on a pay-as-you-go basis are devised to get you access to the quality professional equipment you need without requiring an eye-watering personal investment. We then deliver and professionally assemble your sanitized equipment, assisting you in understanding its use to ensure maximum functionality and safety. Should your patient's needs change during the rental, we're there to help you with suitable upgrades or downgrades, and when you no longer need the bed, we remove it. You can forget about maintenance during your rental, as that's our job. If something goes wrong, we're only a call away, and we'll fix it or replace it to maintain the highest quality of care and comfort.

We advise that before renting, you check your insurance policies, as many insurance companies, including government programs, will pick up the cost of a hospital bed rental. As a bonus, we work directly with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Veterans Affairs Canada so that if you are eligible, the rental will cost you nothing.
So, instead of asking yourself, is there a trustworthy, high-quality hospital bed rental service near me that provides top-of-the-range healthcare equipment, know that the answer is yes, and simply pick up the phone or email us. Our friendly advisors will be only too happy to understand your unique needs and guide you through the process of rapidly securing premium-grade equipment that ensures high-quality care for your patient or loved one.

Hospital Bed For Sale

When you have a patient with a short-to-medium-term condition, it makes financial sense to use a hospital bed rental service. But what about cases where the person you're caring for has a condition that may continue for years? When considering the rent versus buy decision, it's important to speak with your medical professional to understand the prognosis for your patient and whether their condition will extend beyond 12 months. If so, seeking a hospital bed for sale may save you money over the care term.

However, there are a few pros and cons, which are more than just financial and need careful consideration. A hospital bed rental agreement covers not only the capital cost of the equipment but also the maintenance. If your rental bed suffers damage or breakdown, you can swap out the bed under your rental agreement; however, if the bed is yours, until repairs are done, you'll need to use a standard bed.

Importantly, it's worth reading the fine print if you intend to use an insurance plan to receive compensation for care and support costs. Many insurers will only compensate for bed and equipment rentals, not purchases. Some insurers have additional clauses stipulating rental suppliers from your local area. Always check this point before signing a purchase deal..

When you rent, your rental agreement allows you to upgrade or downgrade your hospital bed or add additional support equipment throughout your rental period. If you own the bed, that's an additional upfront cost and logistical annoyance. If you feel your patient's condition or needs may change, renting a bed may provide greater flexibility and guarantee access to up-to-date technology.

At Hospital Bed Rental Inc., we pride ourselves on our response time in getting the necessary equipment to our clients, setting it up, cleaning it, and training the carers in its use. However, when purchasing a hospital bed, it's wise to understand the manufacturer or supplier's lead time and delivery costs and what installation and training are included before making your final decision. It also pays to understand the manufacturer's guarantees and support services; these will help you gauge the ongoing maintenance and repair costs. Similarly, if your patient's care needs change and a more advanced bed is required, can you sell yours easily or return it to the manufacturer for an upgrade?

Patients with special care needs might require unique bed modifications to accommodate their condition. In this situation, a bed purchase may provide clear benefits over renting. However, it's worth checking to establish whether we have a bed to support your patient's condition; if not, we will direct you to an appropriate manufacturer.

If you've thought through all the pros and cons and decided that a bed purchase is the right path for you, now you must decide what to buy. At Hospital Bed Rental Inc., we can assist. As we stock premium quality hospital beds from major suppliers, we are uniquely positioned to help you choose. Given the high purchase cost, we often have clients contact us for a short-term rental to help them select between their short list of beds before making their purchase decision.

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