Drive Medical Air Mattress

Hospital Bed Rental Inc.

This combination therapy 8″ mattress replacement system provides both alternating pressure and low air loss to optimize pressure redistribution and manage skin maceration. The mattress can operate in alternating or static pressure mode. Each one of the 20, 8″ deep air bladders can be easily removed and replaced, and a CPR valve allows for rapid deflation.
Pillow function maintains the three air cells at the head of the bed in static mode for patient comfort. Nylon cover is low-shear, fluid-resistant, vapor permeable, quilted, and zippered.
Mattress Dimensions: 80″(L) x 36″(W) x 8″(H); Pump Dimensions: 11″(L) x 8.1″(W) x 3.9″(H); Weight Capacity: 350 lbs; Pump Airflow: 8 LPM; Cycle Time: 10 Minutes.

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